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NimbleStack is a technology platform that enables suppliers and manufacturers to connect with the growing number of eCommerce merchants selling on Shopify. 

How it works
Seamless Catalog Integration
Key Feature
Automated Order Processing
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Grow Your Business

Genuine Products
Connecting Merchants with
the Best Suppliers
No Financial Risk
No Upfront Costs to Merchants or Suppliers
Easier than Ever
Start Your Drop Shipping Business in No Time
Shopify App Store
1-Click Installation
🛒 For Merchants

Install, Import and Sell

It has never been this easy to get started selling online. If you have a Shopify store, simply install one of our apps, import products, and you are off to the races.

When an order is placed, it is automatically routed to the supplier, shipped to the customer, and tracking information automatically shows up in your store. Sit back, relax, and put your store on autopilot. ✈️

📦 For Suppliers

Allow Anyone to Sell Your Products

Reach the Growing Number of Merchants on Shopify

Our platform makes it easy to connect your catalog to Shopify, no matter what backend system you are using.

Our team will develop a personalized plan to expand your sales channels based on your unique business needs. More merchants mean more sales. 🤯

🎁 The NimbleStack Platform

How it Works

For Merchants

There is no upfront cost until your customers pay you. You pay discounted prices and then sell at any price you choose. The profit is yours to keep.

For Suppliers

Allow us to connect to your existing product catalog, and we’ll connect you to a growing number of online merchants who are anxious to sell your products!

NimbleStack connects with a network of suppliers across a variety of industry verticals.

When orders are placed, NimbleStack routes the order information to the supplier.

Merchants find products they want to market and sell, then import them into their stores.

Products are shipped directly to customers, and tracking info is fed back into stores.

💬 Reviews

What They say about us

"Installing [the App] was really simple and I immediately was able to import over 1000 new products on my Shopify store!"
Jessica Langford
"All of my products are automatically shipped to my customers and I don't have to do anything. This has really changed our business model."
Peter Neher
Product Designer
"The app has created a new sales channel for us. We now have new merchants selling our products every day that we otherwise would have never found."
Marc J. Coley
Account Manager
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