Frequently asked questions

For Merchants

There is no cost for you to install one of our apps and import products from one of our partners onto your Shopify store. You only get charged when a sale is made.

If you have a Shopify store or you are thinking about starting one, you are ready to get started! Search for our drop-shipping apps on the app store by searching for DropKick, and you can connect to products from your industry of choice.

You make money by promoting and selling products on your Shopify store. The benefit to our system is that you don’t need to worry about inventory, shipping, and fulfillment. Simply promote the products and we’ll take care of the rest.

We get paid based on transaction fees when orders are made. We believe this is the best revenue modal since it reduces the risk to you as the store owner, and you only are charged when orders are made!

We are currently working on several apps in various industries with release dates throughout 2021. Check the app store for products in:

  • Home Decor
  • Pet Supplies
  • Vitamins
  • Apparel
  • Outdoor Products
  • Many More!

The easiest way to find our apps is on the Shopify App Store. Simply perform a search for DropKick and you will see our apps listed and ready to install.

For Suppliers

There is no cost for you as a supplier to connect to our app ecosystem. Our team takes care of all the development and configuration to get you connected to thousands of ambitious merchants. You control your wholesale, MAP, and retail pricing settings to ensure merchants comply with your standards.

We offer suppliers and manufacturers a unique opportunity to democratize their marketing by creating an army of merchants who perform the heavy lifting of marketing your products. Our merchant network includes some of the most innovative, creative, and tech-savvy entrepreneurs on the web ready to go to work for you.

Simple, no cost integration of your products into the booming Shopify ecosystem takes the risk out of the equation while allowing your to reach a vast network of eCommerce merchants.

Our infrastructure is built on state-of-the-art serverless, event-driven, scalable infrastructure designed to make it super simple for ou developers to talk to your systems. If you have an existing API or web services, you’ll be up and running in no time. If not, we have several options to get you set up at no additional cost to you.

Yes. One of the beautiful things about our proprietary technology platform is that it makes it simple for us to create a fully-branded app that can get your company and your products into the Shopify ecosystem. Contact us to learn more about pricing.

Shopify merchants provide the first point of contact for customers placing orders who have questions. Our platform has several mechanisms to make it very easy to integrate your existing customer support channels as necessary.